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Lifelong learners

What: To show that learning never stops we have identified what we learnt in the holidays.

So What: What I learnt in the holidays......

In the holidays I learnt how to dig a tree out from the ground. First we had to move all the stones that were surrounding the tree, next we had dig until we got down to the roots, then we had to use the saw to cut through the small roots and for the big roots we used the shovel and we were hacking the shovel down on the big fat roots. Once we finished splitting the roots, not all of the roots we could get to, but what we did was tie a rope to the back of dad's truck then he hoped in and started going forward, but the truck didn't pull the tree out, but it made the tree lean to the side so we could see the extra roots that we couldn't get to before. So we cut through them with the saw and then just pulled the trunk then it came out.

By Fletcher!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hollywood or bust!!

What: To complete Hollywood or Bust,(drama) I have been preparing to be part of a stage challenge performance.

So what: In my stage challenge my characters name is Louie, the scene is set in a classroom, the problem in my stage challenge is there is an earthquake and the main characters are Charlie Licken, Narrater, Secret Squirrel, Miss Henny Penny, Louie, Rocky Locky, Lucy Loosey, Kirky Lirky, Lovey Dovey, Xander Gander, Lucky Ducky and Miss Buzzy Bee.What our group needs is to not laugh when the earthquake is happening.the name of our stage challenge is parody of Chicken Licken.

Now What: Something I need to work on is to learn my lines off by heart.

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I'm "marching" home from school with bobby and John and were talking about some Haunted house. Bobby and John keep saying we should go inside and have a look, so I say "fine lets go in". As we stand outside the terrifying house I think to myself I regret wanting to go into this terrifying 

I can see blood running down the side of the house, just looking at it is horrifying. I open the door,there's a clown standing at the top of the stairs holding an axe, whispering laa la laa la, and every time the clown whispers laa la laa la he crept down one step.

The clown gets to the bottom of the stairs and starts chasing me, then all of a sudden I see an axe been thrown over my shoulder " Wheew"! That was lucky. I loose him.

Bobby, John and I keep tiptoeing I hear a sharp cutting noise cutting through the walls as I hear a deafening roar in the background, I hear the floor boards creaking then a small scream, I think to myself? Am I really alone.

As I tiptoe down the dark, haunted hall, I walk into a spider webb I wipe it off my face and I kept shuffling, I look to my left and see a bloody hand print covering a portrait of Sir Edmund Hillary.

As I stroll further, all I hear is a very petrifying old clock ticking. I walk further and further down the dark freezing hall until I reach the end of the hall."THEN"! "All of a SUDDEN" An Anxious monster jumped out in front of me, I screamed and I ran. The monster started chasing me I was lucky that he or she were very slow, I got away.

I sit alone in the threatful dark haunted house mastering my fears.....

My torch goes out.....

It is silent.....

And in the dark there is a scream.....

Where am I.....

By Fletcher 

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Karariki motu

This week is Maori language week and we did an island and all the things on the island were named in Maori, This is mine.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Writing Information Report :()

Created using Pic Collage.

So What:
 This is a good piece of writing because it has topic sentences and subtitles.

Now What:
Next time I want to put better words in my writing.

By Fletcher :()

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1947 Ballantyne's fire.

What: Describe a significant event in Canterbury History: Ballantyne's fire.

So What:

Now What: I think this fire did a lot of damage.

Because: It killed 41 people and 259 people survived.

Because: It took over 200 fire fighters to settle the fire down.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Basketball Writing :()

What: For my writing I chose to do Basketball.

So What: My writing took up four pages and it had nine paragraphs including the diagram,the names
of the paragraphs are introduction, positions in Basketball, skills, rules, compition, famous players, aim of the game and conclusion.

Now What: Next time I want to do a different piece of writing.


Basketball !!!!

What: This is my Basketball poster!!

So What:The things I put on my poster are a huge basketball, title, diagram, my favourite paragraph, what the positions mean, my favourite teams, how high the hoop is and other paragraphs.

Now what: Next time I am going to do a different type of sport.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Key features in my art.

WALT- Write about the key features in my art.

What: We have created art to represent the perspective of objects that are 
close and far away.

So What: My art represents the perspective of somebody in a boat rowing down the river with street lights on his left and big tree's on his right and a sun and clouds up ahead of him,also grass behind
the tree's.The sun is rising behind the tree's.

Texture:In my art I have used a light texture and a dark texture.When I use a dark texture
I put not so much water on my paint brush.When I use a light texture I usually put lots of water on,
but it depends on what colour you use.

Colour: The colours I used we're dark blue, green, black, yellow and very very light gray. I reckon 
my colour combinations look really good together.

Now What: Next time I want to do a different design like a race track or a mountain road.What 
I want to improve on is to take my time and not rush.

This is my art.

By Fletcher.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Te Reo

What: We are learning to name classroom objects in Te Reo.

So What: Include a photo and at least 5 speech bubbles with objects in 
Te Reo.

Now What: What I want to improve on is learning the Maori words 
off by heart.

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Check out this Gami!

Here you go. Gami on.

Animate your life. Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated video called a Gami.

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What:you can design your own person e.g what you look like.

So what:I put a gray sweat shirt on my person with navy blue 
Pants and red shoes.

Now what:next time I will make a different person.

By Fletcher

This is mine and Jack m's wanted poster.

Created using Pic Collage.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Number boggle

Living springs camp 2014!!.

This is me running down the hill to the living springs farm.
This is me holding a crab on the walk to the farm.

What:Living springs camp 2014.

So What: From the 19th to the 21st of march the year 5/6 students went to Living Spring camp it was fun because we got to shoot rifles,do archery, climb bouldering walls, walk on low ropes,peddle go karts, BMX bikes and more.

Now What:if I was to go again I would go on the monorail.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

my art

                         my art

So what - First we chose an icon from our culture, then we drafted it in our topic books. After that we chose colours in 4 different ways, next we started our big copy we drew our icon in pencil first, then we started painting.

One of my punamus is in the correct colours (red and green). One of my other punamus is purple and yellow. I chose the punamu because I have one and I wear it alot.

Now what - If I was to do this again I would challenge myself and do a different icon.

By Fletcher!!

My painting