Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Writing Information Report :()

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So What:
 This is a good piece of writing because it has topic sentences and subtitles.

Now What:
Next time I want to put better words in my writing.

By Fletcher :()

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1947 Ballantyne's fire.

What: Describe a significant event in Canterbury History: Ballantyne's fire.

So What:

Now What: I think this fire did a lot of damage.

Because: It killed 41 people and 259 people survived.

Because: It took over 200 fire fighters to settle the fire down.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Basketball Writing :()

What: For my writing I chose to do Basketball.

So What: My writing took up four pages and it had nine paragraphs including the diagram,the names
of the paragraphs are introduction, positions in Basketball, skills, rules, compition, famous players, aim of the game and conclusion.

Now What: Next time I want to do a different piece of writing.


Basketball !!!!

What: This is my Basketball poster!!

So What:The things I put on my poster are a huge basketball, title, diagram, my favourite paragraph, what the positions mean, my favourite teams, how high the hoop is and other paragraphs.

Now what: Next time I am going to do a different type of sport.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Key features in my art.

WALT- Write about the key features in my art.

What: We have created art to represent the perspective of objects that are 
close and far away.

So What: My art represents the perspective of somebody in a boat rowing down the river with street lights on his left and big tree's on his right and a sun and clouds up ahead of him,also grass behind
the tree's.The sun is rising behind the tree's.

Texture:In my art I have used a light texture and a dark texture.When I use a dark texture
I put not so much water on my paint brush.When I use a light texture I usually put lots of water on,
but it depends on what colour you use.

Colour: The colours I used we're dark blue, green, black, yellow and very very light gray. I reckon 
my colour combinations look really good together.

Now What: Next time I want to do a different design like a race track or a mountain road.What 
I want to improve on is to take my time and not rush.

This is my art.

By Fletcher.