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Lifelong learners

What: To show that learning never stops we have identified what we learnt in the holidays.

So What: What I learnt in the holidays......

In the holidays I learnt how to dig a tree out from the ground. First we had to move all the stones that were surrounding the tree, next we had dig until we got down to the roots, then we had to use the saw to cut through the small roots and for the big roots we used the shovel and we were hacking the shovel down on the big fat roots. Once we finished splitting the roots, not all of the roots we could get to, but what we did was tie a rope to the back of dad's truck then he hoped in and started going forward, but the truck didn't pull the tree out, but it made the tree lean to the side so we could see the extra roots that we couldn't get to before. So we cut through them with the saw and then just pulled the trunk then it came out.

By Fletcher!!!!