Monday, June 29, 2015

maths week 11 term 2

maths for the week
WALT-find simple angles

Reading week 11 term 2

Reading for the week
WALT-respond for meaning
We did a assessment on reading for meaning and we answered questions on the saving the national bird and read a text about windsurfing and answered questions on the text.
The strategies that I used was being able to infer about the text.
My next step is to be able to infer about more stories.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2 times tables

5 times tables

maths week 9 term 2

Walt- Reading and measuring using scales.

This week for maths we had to identify 5 things that we needed to work on in our maths one of the things that I needed to work on is reading and measuring using scales, and after we went with the teacher we went away and did an activity.

Next step- My next step is to complete reading and measuring using scales and move on to another goal.

reading week 9 term 2

Walt- Read for meaning. 

This week for reading I had to do a assessment to assess myself and I reckon I did well because I took my time and I kept reading until I found the information I wanted.

Next step- My next step is to find more meaning in the texts I read.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Today I did pals with Jack M and Jack W, we put on are jackets and walked out to the field and straight away some little kids came up to us and asked what we were playing and if they could play and after a while lots of little kids came and asked if they could play. We played football with the juniors and we had at least 30 people.

peer mediation

Today at morning tea  I did peer mediation with Azriel we only had one problem which 1 year 5 and and 1 year 6 were arguing over equipment and not playing football correctly, eventually they came up with a solution which was to say sorry and move on.

week 8 reading term 2

WALT- read for meaning

my work shows that I can read to find the meaning

This week for reading my group read about a girl named Mary Anning who collects fossils and sea shell her father taught her the ways of finding sea shells and fossils. From the moment she was struck by lightning, Mary Anning's life was extraordinary. Born in 1799, Mary grew up in Lyme Regis on England's south coast, an area known as for its unusual fossils and shells. Because her family was poor , Mary collected these fossils and shells to sell for money.

next step- my next step is to get more meaning out of the text.

maths week 6-7 term 2

WALT- calculate equivalent fractions, convert decimals,%,and fractions,finding a fraction of a number,round numbers,explain decimal places up to 3 digit, order numbers and explain digits in a whole number.
my work shows that I am able to do place value and fractions.

In week 6 and 7 we have been focusing on place value and fractions. In fractions we did calculating equivalent fractions, converting decimals, percentages and fractions and finding a fraction of a number. In place value we explained decimal places up to 3 digit, we rounded numbers, we ordered numbers and we explained digits into a whole number. I reckon I did really well because I aced all of them.

next step- learn how to do more challenging place value and fractions.

writing week 8 term 2

WALT- Identify your future career.

I want to be a nrl player.

Today I have been publishing my writing about the skills you need to be a NRL player the subtitles I am writing about are the subjects that you need to study in high school, what you need to study, the training that you need to do, nutrition and you retirement job. In my piece of writing I have used more than 4 paragraphs with lots of detail and in my introduction I have used the 5 W's [who,what,where,why,when]. I also have used capital letters,full stops and comma's in the right places.

next step- Is to write more descriptive writing.

Te Reo Maori

Friday, June 5, 2015


Hi guys,
For My Discovery, Jack, Hatham, Azriel and Fletcher have been doing how in football, to dribble up the field and then shoot well. We have reached multi-structural because we can do this proficiently and well. We know how to do it, and when to do it, without being prompted by a coach or another payer.
Jack, Fletcher, Hatham and Azriel.