Monday, March 16, 2015

Baked muffins and delivered with a card.

Challenge: Bake something and deliver with a friendly card.

1.When I finished baking the muffins I put icing on.

2.I put a second lot of icing on (green) for St Patricks day.

3. Happy St Patricks day.

   4. Success.

Creating an edible garden.

Challenge: Create an edible garden, planting seasonal vegetables.

1. Prepare the garden with organic vegetable mix.

2.Mix the soil together.

  3.Water the soil, ready for planting.

4.We went to bunnings and got some broccoli and cauliflower plants

5.Dig holes about 10cm deep.

6.Put the plants in their holes, and place soil around plants.

7.Then put the slug bait on to keep little critters away.

8.Then water the plants to help them grow.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Swimming sports/trails

On the 23 February 2015, I went to Jellie Park for swim trials.  I competed in 50m freestyle and I came 1st in my event, so I qualified for Zones.

The next day I went to Jellie Park again for school swimming sports and I competed in 25m freestyle and 25m backstroke.  I came 4th in both events.  I also competed in Year 7 relay team, the other competitors in my team were Finn, Jack W and Joseph B. We came LAST.