Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Key features in my art.

WALT- Write about the key features in my art.

What: We have created art to represent the perspective of objects that are 
close and far away.

So What: My art represents the perspective of somebody in a boat rowing down the river with street lights on his left and big tree's on his right and a sun and clouds up ahead of him,also grass behind
the tree's.The sun is rising behind the tree's.

Texture:In my art I have used a light texture and a dark texture.When I use a dark texture
I put not so much water on my paint brush.When I use a light texture I usually put lots of water on,
but it depends on what colour you use.

Colour: The colours I used we're dark blue, green, black, yellow and very very light gray. I reckon 
my colour combinations look really good together.

Now What: Next time I want to do a different design like a race track or a mountain road.What 
I want to improve on is to take my time and not rush.

This is my art.

By Fletcher.

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