Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hollywood or bust!!

What: To complete Hollywood or Bust,(drama) I have been preparing to be part of a stage challenge performance.

So what: In my stage challenge my characters name is Louie, the scene is set in a classroom, the problem in my stage challenge is there is an earthquake and the main characters are Charlie Licken, Narrater, Secret Squirrel, Miss Henny Penny, Louie, Rocky Locky, Lucy Loosey, Kirky Lirky, Lovey Dovey, Xander Gander, Lucky Ducky and Miss Buzzy Bee.What our group needs is to not laugh when the earthquake is happening.the name of our stage challenge is parody of Chicken Licken.

Now What: Something I need to work on is to learn my lines off by heart.

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