Monday, September 1, 2014


I'm "marching" home from school with bobby and John and were talking about some Haunted house. Bobby and John keep saying we should go inside and have a look, so I say "fine lets go in". As we stand outside the terrifying house I think to myself I regret wanting to go into this terrifying 

I can see blood running down the side of the house, just looking at it is horrifying. I open the door,there's a clown standing at the top of the stairs holding an axe, whispering laa la laa la, and every time the clown whispers laa la laa la he crept down one step.

The clown gets to the bottom of the stairs and starts chasing me, then all of a sudden I see an axe been thrown over my shoulder " Wheew"! That was lucky. I loose him.

Bobby, John and I keep tiptoeing I hear a sharp cutting noise cutting through the walls as I hear a deafening roar in the background, I hear the floor boards creaking then a small scream, I think to myself? Am I really alone.

As I tiptoe down the dark, haunted hall, I walk into a spider webb I wipe it off my face and I kept shuffling, I look to my left and see a bloody hand print covering a portrait of Sir Edmund Hillary.

As I stroll further, all I hear is a very petrifying old clock ticking. I walk further and further down the dark freezing hall until I reach the end of the hall."THEN"! "All of a SUDDEN" An Anxious monster jumped out in front of me, I screamed and I ran. The monster started chasing me I was lucky that he or she were very slow, I got away.

I sit alone in the threatful dark haunted house mastering my fears.....

My torch goes out.....

It is silent.....

And in the dark there is a scream.....

Where am I.....

By Fletcher 

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