Thursday, March 3, 2016

Leadership Food forest/Role model to the Kakano children

                                                                FOOD FOREST

Today the Year 8's and some of the Year 7's were in the food forest collecting seeds off the plants in the Food forest with the year 4's and Mr McAven. Afterwards we split up into four groups two group were using secateurs to shorten down all of the plants, then another group were doing chop and drop and they were chopping all the plants down to the ground with hedge clippers. The last group which was my group we setup like a big square with big metal gates then we put two chickens in so they could rip up the ground it was called the chicken tractor. The plants we were collecting the seeds from were called Red clovers, Borridge and Yaro.

Here is a photo of our chicken tractor.

It was pretty fun and next time I would do different things such as chop and drop.

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